Dear Diary

I am a nineteen year old college student in Indiana. I am currently majoring in Telecommunications- Audio Production option as well as participating in the Honors program. I graduate here in less than a year!

I have a wonderful boyfriend named Kendal. He saved me from spending my senior year in uncertainty. Since the day Sept. 1, 2012, I have never been happier! :D I love you baby <3

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Days 101-105

I am really starting to stop caring about doing this blog. It’s not like anything interesting is going on in my life right now and if anyone cared then they would be talking to me on a regular basis. I hit a goal of 100 days. that’s 1/4 of the year (close enough). I am tempted to just give up and stop writing. Or I may just bring it down to doing it weekly instead of daily. I don’t know. This may just be because it’s finals time so I have little time to write my every day bit, but when summer hits I might have more time. Who knows…I’ll figure it out.

Classes…homework…boyfriend…friends…hall council….

Days 98-100

Nothing much happening. just classes and getting through with life. had quite an enlightening night on Day 99 but it had to happen. Day 100 was boring except for I had to  cook eggs for my entire residence hall for 2 hours straight. If my hands fall off tomorrow morning I wouldnt be shocked.

Days 95,96, 97

I am almost to my first triple digit entry :)

Day 95: I skipped my English class due to the fact I just didn’t feel very well. I got up and got ready for Conrad to come pick me up to take my home for the night. He gets here around 6:30 and we get back to Speedway around 8:00. Before he got there he posted on facebook that someone drunk texted him. I didn’t know who and it was driving me mad. He showed me the text when he got here and it was his ex Cassie. She basically was wishing every bad thing possible to happen to him. I wanted to punch her in the face but I was secretly happy because she wasn’t begging for him back. Later on, he apparently had planned a secret date night for us and I ruined part of it because I had already seen the Hunger Games. We wound up going to Grindstone Charley’s. The conversation was needed. We talked about his exes and his friendships with certain people. I finally brought up my irrational fear of him going back to one of his exes. He didn’t judge me. Just took my hand, made me look him in the eyes, and told me that it was impossible for him to do that to me. I know that sounds nieve of me, but I believe him. We go back to his house after dinner and watched a movie and went to bed.

Day 96: Day of running around Indy like crazy lol First up was going with his mommy to go get her “new” car. We grab some McD’s breakfast (first time eating a McGriddle, AWESOME!) and meet up with his mom. We are at the dealer for almost 3 hours. The manager was a real asshole and we almost walked out, but right as we get at the door he lowered the price to about where she wanted it to be. After we get back to her house, Conrad and I decide to grab some lunch. We go to Pizza Hut where I work(ed) and Jaci is our waitress. The girl who stabbed me in the back for a guy. Yeah…she is engaged to this guy. I couldnt be happier for her actually. Once eating was done, we go to his house for a little relaxation and basketball (surprisingly). He drives me back up for work and work goes like hell until around 11:00 when he shows up. He had decided to nap and ride around BSU while I was at work. The night went amazing after that.

Day 97: Today Conrad met my family :) parents and dad’s side. I just can’t explain how it all went down. To put it simply, everyone loved him and everyone had an incredible time. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now. He just fits so perfectly into my life. No real strains holding us down…none except for my own mind. We are still in the honeymoon phase, getting to know each other. I just hope and pray that things aren’t too good to be true…

Day 94

Classes were freakin miserable today. I had the worst headache I have had in quite a while plus random pains everywhere else in my body, especially my lower legs. I somehow got through them all without going insane. Once classes were over I tried to add my 2nd major but that didn’t work so I will just do that next week sometime. I had just enough time to take a nap. Once my nap was over I felt so much better. I went to the meeting my friend Veronica had asked me to speak at and we got free pizza out of the deal. I had to go to a concert after that for my honors music class. The performance wasn’t so bad. I felt like going to the movies so I invited Derek to go see the Hunger Games with me. BADASS movie! I haven’t read the book so that let me enjoy it without worrying about anything else. Then it was bedtime. 

Days 91,92,+93

Days 91+92: Both days were relatively similar. I had classes, did homework, then hung out with Derek. The more I hang out with him the more I miss him. He is finally opening up to me the way that I wish he had done when we were dating. I am finally able to see into him. It is so refreshing to finally hear what he is thinking all the time. I just hate the fact that his life before he meet me caused him to just lose faith in society and make him shield himself from ever truly showing himself to another person. I am seeing my best friend for who he really is, and it’s incredible :) In the process of all of this, certain things have come into light. Things that are making me wonder what I should do with my life. All I have to do is do what makes me happy, but I am having a hard time doing that. Once school is out I will be able to focus solely on my life and nothing else and that will probably help things out a little bit. I am just extremely grateful that I have finally broken down his wall. I feel like I am meeting him again for the first time and I am getting the same feelings that I did the first time around :) Just pure happiness and lots of fun.

Day 93: English meeting about our project went pretty smoothly. Had my last EDHI class of the semester (thank god). Signed up for my HONRS 203 class to make sure I get in and I got my ticket for a concert tomorrow night that I have to go to for a class. Tonight was a homework night. I finally got my proposal done for my webpage and I am kinda excited about it. I finished Conrad’s bracelet :) and I cleaned my room. Watched TONS of Doctor Who today. I really miss that show.

Days 88-91

Day 88: Class…EDHI meeting…After Glow rave party. The party was alright, music could have been better and we could have more cool people there.

Day 89: FRIDAY! Only had 1 class which was nice. Got back and did some errand running and laundry. Bought a new purse and running shoes at Walmart. Started working out a little bit. Started and finished my concert paper. Watched a ton of movies.

Day 90: Conrad picked me up at 7 in the morning since he was just getting done with a skatepark lock-in. We drive back to Speedway and just crash until around 2. We go and hang out with his friends for the day. Work on cars, food, skatepark, conrad’s house, then TJ’s to play some Black Ops and drink some beer. They did more of the drinking since beer isn’t really my thing. TJ goes to his room and Conrad and I stay in the living room to sleep. Let’s just say TJ heard us lmfao Kinda funny waking up and having TJ ask me,” So, how was it?” haha funniest thing ever.

Day 91: Conrad and I get dropped back off at his house and crash until around noon. We just cuddled and goofed off for a few hours before we decided to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather. We go and visit his friend Zach. He had a pipe swing! It was so much fun and they got a good laugh at me :P We talk about cars again and then Conrad and I leave. We go and grab some food at Pizza Hut then he forces me to learn how to drive stick. I was terrified for some reason. It actually wasn’t that bad. It was kinda fun :) Once that was done we go back to his house and just watched movies until it was time for him to take me back to BSU.